Palo Alto World Music Day was started by an initiative of Palo Alto resident Claude Ezran

Claude EzranClaude Ezran
Claude Ezran, a high-tech executive, has been a resident of Palo Alto for the past 20 years.  He has long been involved in the PTA and the community, and recently served as a member of the Palo Alto Human Relations Commission.  Several years ago, while vacationing in France, Claude had the opportunity to witness World Music Day (known there as Fête de la Musique) in the country where it originated.  He enjoyed the musical diversity and the contagious enthusiasm of the crowds and musicians so much that he decided to bring this fantastic idea back to Palo Alto.  Claude’s musical preferences include: classical music, opera, tango music, and music from around the world.



Organization: SureThing Production and Management


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