If you play an instrument or are in a dance group, we want you! Everyone can participate

World Music Day is a wonderful celebration of what you do as a musician.  We are looking for a wide variety of musical genres: classical, opera, jazz, pop, rock, latin, music from different countries and cultures, vocal ensembles, danse groups, etc.

If you are an amateur, or professional, musician playing solo or in a group interested in performing on World Music Day, please submit an application to the Palo Alto World Music Day organizers.  School students with musical talents are also encouraged to apply.


The deadline to apply will be: CLOSED.  The sooner the better
Opportunities to perform usually go fast.  Sign-up now!

Sign me up to perform!

If your application is approved, we will follow-up with you, give you a specific time slot and assign you to a specific location downtown Palo Alto.

Please note that:

 1) There is no access to electric power. We prefer acoustic sound as opposed to amplified music in order to keep  the level of decibels reasonable, as you will have to share the sonic space with other groups.  However, if you must have amplification, then please bring your own battery-operated amplifier.

2) There is no stage.  This is a street performance.

3) You will need to be self sufficient and bring all that you need for your performance (e.g. chairs) and will be responsible for your own set-up and tear-down.

4) A key aspect of the spirit of World Music Day, aspect which distinguishes it from most other musical festivals, is that it is a free event organized by volunteers with musicians who are not compensated and a public that is not charged.  You will, however, have an opportunity, if you wish, to ask for donations and sell your own CDs.

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